I dare you: What?

January 22, 2014

What would you do if you knew you are doing the thing you are doing for the last time?

What would you say to your parents if you knew you are seeing them for the last time?

How would you make love with your girlfriend if you knew you’d never see her again? How would you hold her in your arms?

How would you enjoy dinner if you knew you could never feel the taste again?

We tend to take life for granted. And people, and chances.

We especially tend to take small things for granted: a hot shower in the morning, a clean toilet seat, drinkable water, a piece of advice, healthy food, a home, friendship. And we sometimes do that for a lifetime.

But most of the times, the same life we take for granted gets back to us and teaches us some lessons.

The lesson of tragedy, the lesson of need, the lesson of compassion, the lesson of the break-up, the lesson of the death of someone we love. And sometimes one lesson is enough for us to learn. And sometimes we need more than one lesson to learn…

…that we cannot own people or tiny things or feelings or life itself. Therefore, we cannot take them for granted.

So I dare you: what would you do differently today if you did not take anything for granted?

Whom would you thank? Whose arms would you cherish ? Whose smile would make you smile back? Whose forgiveness would you ask for? Whose life would you save? What would you say or do that you are not saying or doing today?

I dare you: what would you choose for your life if you knew it was the last chance to choose?


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