Romania mea

December 1, 2013

Desi am o leapsa in asteptare 🙂 am luat intrebarea de la finalul Romaniei Oanei ca pe o noua provocare. Poate pentru ca am fost intrebata de multe ori, de cand sunt aici, cum este tara mea.

Romania mea este plina de oameni frumosi. Asta e primul raspuns pe care il dau cand sunt intrebata de tara mea.
Sunt mandra ca sunt romanca. Sunt mandra ca Romania este tara mea, pentru ca e o tara frumoasa.

Peisajul Romaniei mele este unul salbatic, plin de culoare. Iar marea de acolo este si va ramane mereu marea mea, oriunde as fi si oriunde as privi spre valuri.
Nu ii stiu toate tainele si nu am strabatut-o in lung si in lat. Dar muntii ei mi-au fost vacanta ani buni si marea ei mi-a purtat dorurile si inca mi le poarta.

Portul ei popular mi-e cel mai drag din lumea asta mare, iar tricolorul imi trezeste o stare de mandrie.

Romania e o tara saraca, poate, dar bogata sufleteste, pentru ca romanii mei dragi o fac sa fie calda si primitoare.
Romania mea este ceva mai mult decat legenda lui Dracula…

Romania mea este si va ramane mereu locul care mi-a fost leagan al copilariei. Romania mea are aroma de cozonac proaspat scos din cuptorul bunicii mele. Romania mea are gust de gem de casa facut de mama. Romania mea este plina de dragoste.

La Multi Ani, Romania mea draga! La Multi Ani frumosi!


When writing about travels, one can only be subjective. A trip is a unique experience and, as I have stated before, it has to do more with the people you meet than to the places you visit.


Spain is the story that my heart needs to explore from time to time. Long enough as to long for it. Short enough as never to forget.

Alicante (including Altea) and Valencia were two very different experiences. Because traveling has to do with the people, with the travelers, with their state of mind. Traveling is about feeling.

Alicante was warm and nice and cozy. With narrow streets in the old city and street art on almost every wall. The Mediterranean gently kisses the shore and the sandy beach was sunny. The buildings are nice and the air of the city is somewhat aristocratic. And still… Alicante was not about the city. It was all about the people. It was just the living proof that distance does not affect friendship. Alicante was about rediscovering friendship in it’s most amazing form.

IMG_2641 IMG_2751

Altea was a one day dream that I lived with my entire being. Some kilometers away from Alicante, this jewel of the coast is amazing. And the trip itself is a great invitation to dive your thoughts in the sea. As you can get to Altea by tram, along the coast.

The narrow streets, full of flowers, the view over the sea from pretty much everywhere, the nice terraces and the fancy but cheap cafes, the ducks that found the only spot of unsalted water that is close to the sea and the lazy cats are all tiny bits of the puzzle that is Altea.

IMG_3183 IMG_3257 IMG_3221IMG_3150 IMG_3120

Valencia. The hardest to describe. As a city, as an experience. For me, Valencia was a lesson of patience and of expectations that were somewhat misaligned with the reality. I was expecting a great city, with a wonderful city center and a great beach. It was close to that, and yet, just another proof that the traveler’s state of soul matters the most in a traveling experience.

IMG_3635 IMG_3626 IMG_3585 IMG_3610

Valencia was too hasty and too short. Intense, yet lazy. Beautiful, yet overwhelming. Original, yet strangely familiar. 

Valencia is curves and sand, unique buildings and sun, narrow streets of the old city and tapas. Valencia is a dream that needs to be lived once. Once more, I mean.

I am not perfect!

October 15, 2013

No, I am not! I am far, far away from being perfect.

I have not hit the road in search of perfection! It would be an unnecessary trip, full of obstacles, a trip that would not lead anywhere.

I did start this road with the aim of finding my imperfect self.

I know that on this road I will lose. I will lose something from what I am and I have already lost part of what I have.

I like to hope that what’s important, however, has not been lost. It will change, it will be redefined. But not lost.

I’ve always had the tendency to control things. See? I told you I was not perfect! However, things cannot be controlled right now. Things happen and I remain just a quiet and docile spectator, I can do nothing to control them. From where I am, I can only control myself.

And on this path I’ve taken, there’s loss and gain. I will maybe lose on the one hand and on the other hand win. I could win or lose … Nobody knows. It’s a destiny lottery. Maybe just a little more daring game than any other games …

I like to think that I did not lose the essential, though and that I will not lose it. I like to think that I am closer to myself with every door that’s closed, with each new road that I am taking or that takes me away. I like to think that life shapes itself beautifully, rightfully, like a dance on a  perfectly polished dance floor.

I like to think that I would find myself and I will not care about my own imperfections when I will be found .

I like to think that the fact that I have found myself will matter more than a deformed image of a hypothetical sterile perfection .

Until then, however, some doors are still waiting for me, some roads, some trails and some bridges. Until then , I already know this one thing: I’m not perfect and I do not want to be!

I like to think that I have not ran away from something, but towards something: towards myself!

My Denmark

October 3, 2013

It’s not fair to my Danish friends that they do not understand this post, at it is mainly about them. And their country.

When you go somewhere, it’s very simple to find a lot of things you do not like. I think that people tend to always want something else, always more. We’re made so that we focus more on what we do not like, on what goes wrong, on what we want to be changed. Somehow , that takes us to progress. On the other hand , however, it does not let us fully enjoy what we have, what we live.

Yet, sometimes we need to stop this constant rush and crazy craving for more, we need to take a deep breath and daydream for a moment about what is good and beautiful in our lives.


Ten things, randomly chosen from the vast list of things that I like and that I enjoy in my new country.

1. The Green. The streets are limited by trees and bushes, there’s grass wherever it could be put and this gives the feeling of freshness, of new live.

2.  The Air – clean, fresh, breathable  Mainly due to the high taxes on cars … and because everyone uses as a means of traveling …

3. The bike – everyone has one , everyone uses it. Besides me, as I am not perfectly acclimatized 🙂 From kids to grandparents , from students to managers, good weather or rainy weather, it does not matter.

4. The way they built their cities and the feeling of space they offer. Low buildings, cozy streets, large windows … and many shades of green.

5. The People and their smile of response. If you smile, you will receive a smile as a response. You can say that ‘s normal… But often I remember being looked at strangely when I used to just smile for no reason .

6. The Libraries. I was literally overwhelmed. Literally. Entire floors full of books, DVDs. CDs. Sofas, computers, quiet rooms and discussion rooms. And the feeling of a great family gathered around the stove in a pleasant reading atmosphere.

7. Pastry products and the cinnamon smell that floods my street early in the morning. No comment 🙂

8. The Sea. Wherever you’re living, the sea is 50 kilometers away. And it’s beautiful and clean and wavy. And … great. And the place where the two seas wave together in their permanent embrace is , actually , mind and soul blowing.

9. Socializing. Regardless their age, people go out. If you go out one evening not only do you see young people in the bar. You see people of all ages who talk , laugh , feel good. And drink a lot. But I had promised to talk about things that I like.

10 . Work schedule and the clear distinction between work life and personal life. They start work early. They are punctual. They work hard and efficiently. They take short brakes and go home at a decent hour. And after work , they have personal lives. They go to the gym, to movies, or theater or just simply go out to a pub. They are relaxed and refreshed and happy.

There are many more things to be mentioned. But ten is a nice round number. Ten. Because in my home country, this is the biggest grade that a student could get and this is the grade that I have given to this country, a country whose people received me nicely and made ​​me feel at home.

De ce calatoresc?

May 14, 2013

Calatoresc pentru ca imi place sa ma reintalnesc cu mine, pentru ca imi place sa ma redescopar, pentru ca imi place sa ma redefinesc.

Calatoresc pentru ca fiecare calatorie este altfel si pentru ca, de cele mai multe ori, calatoriile sunt legate mai degraba de stari decat de locuri.

Cu aceasta motivatie de a calatori am castigat premiul de la Eximtur prin blogul Placerea de a calatori! Multumesc!

Pentru a dezvolta subiectul, calatoresc de cand ma stiu!

Aveam mai putin de un an cand am mers prima oara la mare, iar de atunci pana in liceu am fost in fiecare an pe litoral. Multi ani la rand, cat mama era detasata in tabara de la Navodari ca medic, petreceam intreaga vacanta de vara la mare. Apoi am inceput sa merg pe munte cu Cercetasii.

In clasa a opta am iesit pentru prima oara din tara. Imi amintesc si acum multe detalii din acea calatorie. Am mers cu mama in Grecia. Era in luna martie, pe final. Statiunea se numea Platamonas si multe, multe intamplari mi-au ramas in minte si in suflet. Imi amintesc de portocalul ornamental care lovea in geamul camerei noastre. Si de barul de pe plaja unde mergeam cu Felix si cu Dana (prietenii care dureaza pana in ziua de azi…). Imi amintesc cu bucurie de apelativul “tanti mama lui Oana” si de soarele bland care imi zambea dintre norii albi, pufosi. Imi amintesc zambetele oamenilor de acolo, a localnicilor, imi amintesc de glumele pe care le spuneam si mi-e draga amintirea serilor racoroase pe care le petreceam pe terasa vilei. Si de pescarul care voia sa se insoare cu mama 🙂 Imi amintesc de Meteora si de sentimentul de liniste si credinta care ma cuprinsese acolo, in varf de munte sfant.

Imi amintesc de greva grecilor – motivul pentru care nu am mai ajuns la Atena, de inzapezirea din Bulgaria si de cele 2 zile extra pe drum… Si imi amintesc de relaxarea care ma cuprinsese, desi urma examenul de admitere in liceu.

Franturi de amintiri mi se ingramadesc acum, povestind, in minte si in suflet. Si ma fac sa zambesc.

Da, cred ca atunci, in acel moment, a inceput pasiunea mea pentru calatorii.

De atunci au urmat enorm de multi pasi. Multe, multe drumuri. Drumuri cu rost. Fiindca toate, absolut toate aceste drumuri m-au purtat, mai intai de orice alta destinatie, spre mine. M-au purtat spre ceea ce am fost atunci, dar, si mai important, m-au purtat treptat si sigur spre ceea ce sunt azi.

Fiecare calatorie si-a scrijelit amprenta in sufletul meu si m-a schimbat pentru totdeauna.

Si concluzionez: calatoresc pentru ca imi place sa ma reintalnesc cu mine, pentru ca imi place sa ma redescopar, pentru ca imi place sa ma redefinesc. Calatoresc pentru ca fiecare calatorie este altfel si pentru ca, de cele mai multe ori, calatoriile sunt legate mai degraba de stari decat de locuri.

Pe drum, tot pe drum…

April 23, 2013

Cand pleci la drum, de multe ori nu stii ce te asteapta. Si poate e mai bine ca e asa…

Cand pleci la drum, te iei doar pe tine. Plus o doza de optimism si de incredere.

Viata e un drum. O calatorie.

Si uneori esti singur pe drum si alteori te insoteste cate cineva.

Cand pleci la drum, de cele mai multe ori nu stii ce te asteapta.

Si poate e cel mai bine ca e asa… intrucat ii dai voie drumului sa te surprinda, sa te cheme, sa te poarte.


Multe zambete s-au nascut pana a putea sa scriu despre ele. Pentru ca zambetul se traieste, nu se scrie.

Daca e, totusi, sa descriu ultima calatorie, zambetul este rezumatul acesteia. Un zambet cald, onest, incarcat de bucurii si de fericiri marunte, incarcat de momente frumoase impartasite intr-un Manhattan aglomerat sau langa semineu, insotite de o cana cu vin bun. Un zambet ca o metafora a sufletului.

Unele experiente sunt ca focurile de artificii – intense, luminoase, spectaculoase. La finalul lor, zambetul care apare pe chipul celui care le si traieste, nu doar le vede, este atat de frumos, incat nu poate fi descris.

Poate ca o calatorie ar trebui descrisa pas cu pas, vorbind, mai sec sau mai cu patos, despre obiectivele turistice bifate, despre plimbari si despre preturi, despre transport si cazare. Dar nu pot… Nu despre aceasta calatorie. Nu despre alte calatorii ca aceasta. Pentru ca a fost o experienta mai mult legata de oameni decat de locuri, o experienta incarcata de regasiri si de recunoasteri, de confirmari si de libertate. De desprindere totala din viata de zi cu zi. A fost o calatorie de explorare si de relaxare. O calatorie ca un vis frumos, visat alaturi de oameni cu suflet.

Nu imi ajung clipele acestei vieti pentru a le multumi oamenilor minunati care mi-au iesit in cale cu aceasta ocazie. Pentru ca aceasta experienta a fost, mai intai de toate, legata de oameni. Oameni frumosi, oameni buni, oameni generosi, oameni care inspira si care sunt un model de viata, de familie, de traire, de demnitate, de seninatate. Oameni cu O mare!

In rest, New York-ul e coplesitor de frumos si de un frumos coplesitor, iar Washington DC-ul este curat, grandios si solemn, inspirand un aer aristocrat. Cascada Niagara, lovind cu putere un rau pe care stau adunate bucati de gheata inspira forta, putere. Iti da sentimentul ca poti face orice, absolut orice. Iar Canton e linistit, cuminte, respira calm si apasat, ca un oras transilvanean drag sufletului meu.

Cu toate astea, desi locurile vizitate au fost minunate, aceasta experienta s-a conturat sub forma unui zambet legat de oameni, nu de locuri. Un zambet cald, frumos, onest, ca o metafora a sufletului care-l poarta. Un zambet pe care li-l trimit lor, acestor oameni, cu drag si dor, de peste mari si tari, sa-l poarte cu ei pana la urmatoarea revedere.

Un zambet, ca o metafora a sufletului. Pe curand!

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