When writing about travels, one can only be subjective. A trip is a unique experience and, as I have stated before, it has to do more with the people you meet than to the places you visit.


Spain is the story that my heart needs to explore from time to time. Long enough as to long for it. Short enough as never to forget.

Alicante (including Altea) and Valencia were two very different experiences. Because traveling has to do with the people, with the travelers, with their state of mind. Traveling is about feeling.

Alicante was warm and nice and cozy. With narrow streets in the old city and street art on almost every wall. The Mediterranean gently kisses the shore and the sandy beach was sunny. The buildings are nice and the air of the city is somewhat aristocratic. And still… Alicante was not about the city. It was all about the people. It was just the living proof that distance does not affect friendship. Alicante was about rediscovering friendship in it’s most amazing form.

IMG_2641 IMG_2751

Altea was a one day dream that I lived with my entire being. Some kilometers away from Alicante, this jewel of the coast is amazing. And the trip itself is a great invitation to dive your thoughts in the sea. As you can get to Altea by tram, along the coast.

The narrow streets, full of flowers, the view over the sea from pretty much everywhere, the nice terraces and the fancy but cheap cafes, the ducks that found the only spot of unsalted water that is close to the sea and the lazy cats are all tiny bits of the puzzle that is Altea.

IMG_3183 IMG_3257 IMG_3221IMG_3150 IMG_3120

Valencia. The hardest to describe. As a city, as an experience. For me, Valencia was a lesson of patience and of expectations that were somewhat misaligned with the reality. I was expecting a great city, with a wonderful city center and a great beach. It was close to that, and yet, just another proof that the traveler’s state of soul matters the most in a traveling experience.

IMG_3635 IMG_3626 IMG_3585 IMG_3610

Valencia was too hasty and too short. Intense, yet lazy. Beautiful, yet overwhelming. Original, yet strangely familiar. 

Valencia is curves and sand, unique buildings and sun, narrow streets of the old city and tapas. Valencia is a dream that needs to be lived once. Once more, I mean.

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