December 23, 2013

Ever since we are born, we are being told that nobody is perfect. And so we grow up, thinking that perfection does not exist.

And yet…
…two people do not have to be perfect in order to be perfect for each other. For a second or a minute, for months, years or a lifetime. Still, perfect for each other.

And there are so many other perfect things!

The perfect morning, with the perfect coffee smell.
The perfect smile for celebrating the joy of the perfect memory.
The perfect music for the perfect dinner.
The perfect wine for the perfect conversation.
The perfect outfit for the perfect evening.

The perfect emotions for the perfect lunch break.
The perfect gift for the perfect Christmas.

Perfection exists!

We just have to admit that it sometimes takes us by surprise.
We just have to admit that it sometimes is different than we had imagined.
We just have to admit that it sometimes brings us a bit closer to what we want to be.

For it is in perfect little things that we can find the lost perfection of our souls.
I wish you a perfect Christmas!

Mine has already started.
With perfect moments, perfect gifts, perfect memories, perfect smiles.

And it goes on.
With perfect moments, perfect gifts, perfect memories, perfect smiles.

Because perfection does exist!

Because these tiny bits of perfection make you feel perfect.



October 15, 2013

Sometimes, when looking behind, I have the feeling that my past was all packed in boxes. Bigger boxes, smaller boxes, colorful ones  or just plain white ones. It does not matter much. I do have the feeling, though, that each box needs a place of its own, on a shelf or in a corner. And so they stand there and become dusty and old and useless. For I do not often open them… I am scared. I am afraid, for I never really truly know what’s in the box.

They were labeled at the time. And then locked in the cellar of the soul forever. But, you see, in time, handwriting washes away. And so do memories.

I sometimes just sit back and wonder how much of the content of these boxes is real and what part of it is just an illusion, a dream, a fantasy. For some of the boxes look so strange to me as if they came from a different time, from a different dimension, from a different life.

And the cellar becomes full. It is fed up with useless boxes. And the only way of deciding what boxes to leave out is to… open them. And check what’s inside. But I am scared. I am terrified. I am running away, with the lock from the soul cellar in my hand. I am running away, scared and terrified. For I know that once you started opening the first box, there is no way back… And the point of no return is always a point that I do not want to reach…

I am petrified when needing to face the past, because now, when I grew up, I realize the mistakes I have made. All the wrong decisions and the wrong steps, all the wrong paths and the doubts. But they all took me to what I am now, this very second. And I might not be in the proper box, but would surely not be here if not for the other boxes that piled up in my soul cellar.

In time, common sense selects the boxes. It leaves there just the ones that are relevant. The ones that contain the lessons, not the pains. However, from time to time new boxes are being delivered, and they smash the old ones.  And when the box is smashed, you can peak in and see the whole content.

Damn, the memory of the past can be hurtful! And painful. And cruel. But still, when locking the door of the cellar, it is my own choice to walk away with my eyes closed, blinded by the brightness of the boxes or with the eyes wide open, grateful that today I am in this exact spot where I can still choose the color of the next box. And the one after that… And the next one after…

The boxes of my past have piled up. But I am not afraid of them anymore. I know that I can choose to just take the lessons from them and lock the door back. I need to choose freedom, or else I will just end up in so, so many boxes, belonging to other people’s past…

The boxes of my past have been locked somewhere, but I am still afraid to sort them out, so I keep ignoring them. I am trying to fill in new boxes, just that I have no clue where to store them, as the soul cellar is already full of useless boxes that I am afraid to open in order to sort out…

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