December 23, 2013

Ever since we are born, we are being told that nobody is perfect. And so we grow up, thinking that perfection does not exist.

And yet…
…two people do not have to be perfect in order to be perfect for each other. For a second or a minute, for months, years or a lifetime. Still, perfect for each other.

And there are so many other perfect things!

The perfect morning, with the perfect coffee smell.
The perfect smile for celebrating the joy of the perfect memory.
The perfect music for the perfect dinner.
The perfect wine for the perfect conversation.
The perfect outfit for the perfect evening.

The perfect emotions for the perfect lunch break.
The perfect gift for the perfect Christmas.

Perfection exists!

We just have to admit that it sometimes takes us by surprise.
We just have to admit that it sometimes is different than we had imagined.
We just have to admit that it sometimes brings us a bit closer to what we want to be.

For it is in perfect little things that we can find the lost perfection of our souls.
I wish you a perfect Christmas!

Mine has already started.
With perfect moments, perfect gifts, perfect memories, perfect smiles.

And it goes on.
With perfect moments, perfect gifts, perfect memories, perfect smiles.

Because perfection does exist!

Because these tiny bits of perfection make you feel perfect.


I am not perfect!

October 15, 2013

No, I am not! I am far, far away from being perfect.

I have not hit the road in search of perfection! It would be an unnecessary trip, full of obstacles, a trip that would not lead anywhere.

I did start this road with the aim of finding my imperfect self.

I know that on this road I will lose. I will lose something from what I am and I have already lost part of what I have.

I like to hope that what’s important, however, has not been lost. It will change, it will be redefined. But not lost.

I’ve always had the tendency to control things. See? I told you I was not perfect! However, things cannot be controlled right now. Things happen and I remain just a quiet and docile spectator, I can do nothing to control them. From where I am, I can only control myself.

And on this path I’ve taken, there’s loss and gain. I will maybe lose on the one hand and on the other hand win. I could win or lose … Nobody knows. It’s a destiny lottery. Maybe just a little more daring game than any other games …

I like to think that I did not lose the essential, though and that I will not lose it. I like to think that I am closer to myself with every door that’s closed, with each new road that I am taking or that takes me away. I like to think that life shapes itself beautifully, rightfully, like a dance on a ¬†perfectly polished dance floor.

I like to think that I would find myself and I will not care about my own imperfections when I will be found .

I like to think that the fact that I have found myself will matter more than a deformed image of a hypothetical sterile perfection .

Until then, however, some doors are still waiting for me, some roads, some trails and some bridges. Until then , I already know this one thing: I’m not perfect and I do not want to be!

I like to think that I have not ran away from something, but towards something: towards myself!

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